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          Legal issues can be stressful, emotionally draining, confusing, and costly. Barbara Olson not only provides honest, practical, and cost-effective advice, but also takes the time to get know her clients and their business. Her goal is to become a trusted advisor who provides relief from the stress and confusion of legal issues. Regardless of the client’s legal needs, she carefully evaluates the situation, gives honest advice and offers practical solutions so the client can focus on running their business, and get back to normal life. Her solutions are forward looking, to ensure that the answer provided today is the best long-term solution for the business moving forward.

          Barbara Olson is the principal of Barbara A. Olson Ltd. She offers clients decades of professional education and experience in counselling clients regarding legal matters, including in the areas of business and tax. After graduating from Harvard, Barbara received her J.D. from the University of Minnesota, and her LLM in Taxation from New York University. Her experience includes working for the District Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service, large multi-national corporations, and for the last several decades with small to mid-sized businesses.

          Barbara’s background in tax and business law makes her an unusual business attorney, in that most business attorneys do not have extensive tax knowledge and experience. In addition, her legal experience extends from huge multinational corporations to small and medium sized local businesses. This allows her to offer the quality of legal representation given by big legal firms, with an understanding of the unique needs of a small to mid-sized business.

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